Even MORE Gentle Tips on Being Feminine

As I mentioned in my other article about gentle femininity
 it is usually how someone acts, or their personality we want to emulate.
Questions to ask ourselves about this person. 
Why admire them?
What are their actions?

How do they choose words they use?

Being positive: Part of the being feminine is staying positive in negative situations. One lady which had on a coat, was snagged on a car door. When her gentleman caller shut the door and the coat ripped, she laughed. As part of her up bringing her family looked at negative situations in a positive way. The gentleman caller realized he needed this in his life and married the lady.

Positive people don't dwell on stains of negativity.

Confident:  By being confident DOES NOT mean looking down on someone or acting as if you are better than anyone else because it is self sabotage which also aligns with weakness. Being humble and loving oneself makes a confident person that sees they deserve the best and receives it. Take pride in you…

Why Homemaking

Though this was an easy answer chosen years back, I wanted to explore other ways why homemaking should be something someone wants to actively pursue and be apart of for their future. 

You get to set up a home: Once home, get an idea of how you want to run your house. If you need help in this day and age, there are tons of ideas on the net to get you started, set up, and budget. Set aside time, and even time yourself to limit the temptation to stay on. The internet is a great slave, but a poor master.

Your time IS your time: This is your home and your time and schedule looks different from home to home.  Activities, husband's job, and your time are important. You are the time keeper and you will have an idea, or know how a day looks.

Time with children are precious: When kids are younger, mom being home is extremely important in their growing lives. Children grow close when spending time together, and learn from their siblings as well as parents. More is caught than taught.


Eight ~More~ Gentle Tips On Growing Femininity

Once ~Eight Gentle Tips on Growing Femininity~ was written,
I realized there was more to add. 

Grateful attitude- To enjoy another day, seeing those you love, enjoy being around others that make you laugh, or places a smile on your face is another day in which to be grateful. 
Being Trusting- When asking use words like Would it be possible, Can you help me, Could I please have? It  ingratiates another to want to help you achieve what you are looking for, or getting what you want. We want to have faith in others to say yes to our request. We want to use childlike charm when asking. .
Time out- Moments away for all human interaction if its sitting alone in our vehicle. It is to get away from the noise of life. To sit quietly, close our eyes, and take in the quiet. With so much in our faces now days, it is good to sit and not think. 

Scarlett always thought about it tomorrow.

Aromatherapy- Burning a candle, incense, having lovely potpourri can transport one somewhere they wish to be, a remembe…

Eight ~Gentle Tips To Grow Feminity~

What does a growth in femininity look like?  Is it a petals in the hair, elegant manners, or keeping a small garden?  I struggled at times with what it means and at times become overwhelmed with such a word.

 Someone shared with me femininity was something I always had with me, but felt they missed the point as it was something in which I wanted to grow like flowers in a garden and cultivate as a bulb in the ground to come back time after time growing larger each season.

 When one sees actions which are elegant, or hears encouraging lines of a sentence, we want to absorb it into our lives, but struggle with how to learn it,  place it into practice, or perhaps put it into a manila folder for later.
Allot like this bunny, ladies want to have lovely, beautifully femininity in their lives. Whether it is to think in a childlike manner, have a lovely sweet laugh, dress attractively, or carrying around a smile traveling from place to place.

There is help
Steps to take: Outlook/Attitude- Learn to slo…

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

What is beauty? 
 Is it a sentimentality? 
Seen only as a physical appearance?
Can it be spiritual
 be gained
Or the hidden person of the heart?
 When was the last time one took time to look into someone's heart.
Even if it was someone not particularly liked.
Where actions watched in which
a child was spoken to, or
 interaction with the elderly?
Spoken kindness to someone with a hurting heart.

Was love seen
 understanding applied,
or gentleness discovered?

 Charity given
long-suffering sustained 
patience perceived
self control given over

joy exhibited
peace found within, and 
quiet faithfulness?

1 Man 3 Categories

Years ago, I read in a book by Debi Pearl about men having 3 categories.
 Leader, Visionary, and Steady. 

Leader- as our maker is head, so is man. A leader in the making which picks up where someone fell or left off, or one which begins the march. He is looked up to, admired, and followed. Others listen closely when he speaks for he does not speak foolishly, nor often when in this mode. He is liken to a commercial jingle that once stated,"When EF Hutton talks, people listen."

Visionary- as our maker has a vision of what he makes, so does man. He envisions his plans, and executes them into a physical realm. He is the dreamer and the maker of his dreams. A visionary will speak excitably on his dreams, ideas, and thoughts if just given the chance. He gains experience in his ideas, as well as his physical work. Others might question his vision, or agree to it, and some even may call it crazy, but in the end see the physical appearance of what he envisioned all along.  

Steady- as o…

Removing Outside Negative Influences and Receiving Help ~warning attached~

What does this influence look like?
Outside negative influences can be a person/s, or place which triggers unpleasant memories or situations whether online,  personal life, or lifestyle. Outside negative influences can even extend to our workplace, and those in which we interact with on a daily bases. These components seem to have legs of their own following one around as a dark unwelcome cloud, or waiting around for a triggered memory. They zap energy, time, and block happiness.

These unhappy thoughts can extend to acquiring material goods as well if we are not careful.

How to combat it.

Must be recognized as this can not be done alone.Is a battle which can be conquered and won.Is a spiritual issue.  What do I mean?

First, recognizing this issue and admitting needing help is the very first step of admitting a problem exists.

Second, a battle taking place coming out of a murky rabbit hole. It will not be an easy walk as one makes their way going back through this tunnel in order to hea…