Clean Spots Are Sanctuaries~ (phase II) 3 Things To Keep in Mind~

As clean spots are sanctuaries in phase I, as in phase II, there are 3 things to keep in mind.
1. Theme
 As most have a personal style worn, would a room lived in be any different?
While getting started, questions are asked. Is it better having 10 shells scattered or 1 large shell stated? Can climate be considered? One climate theme idea is a wonderful webpage called Shabbyfufu. (see below) The owner, Mrs. Janet, calls her style seaside nesting. This collection includes driftwood rescued from the beach, updates of ideas and her DIY projects. The articles are a treasure trove of ideas explained in a way while conversing with a friend. The keep-sake take away? Investing in a serene home-life with a feminine nesting nature. Mimicked ideas and themes. A clear plastic sleeve held magazines cut-outs, color and clipped paper before tackling a bathroom redecorating. By doing this, kept order and a feeling of an interior designer in charge of editing and changing i…

👩 ~~ 80/20 of a Miragtory Seasonal Wardrobe~~ 💓

From dark closets and stuffed bureaus seasonal clothing are awaken from their slumber. While comfort is found in locating old friends, others lounge with a warm drink while turning glossy pages of a magazine to make new ones.
Seasons change slowly and like a lady, takes her time picking out and arranging her look right before her official appearance.

Depending on where you live, a migratory wardrobe can be adopted.
The 80%Staples might include colored slacks, ivory tops and non white skirts. Sleeveless tops and spaghetti straps layered under long sleeve or blazers help when cold mornings become unpredictable.
Regions dictate weather. When Tim Gunn, a fashion consultant in New York City remarked how cotton and Christmas don't mix, my brows furrowed and I wondered if he had ever lived outside his city for a season. The example was a move from Tennessee to Baton Rouge one summer. The first winter living there, we found ourselves on Christmas day breaking out cotton clothes and putting…

Salty language~

Let me take this moment to say to those new or returning...
Thank you!! Thanks for visiting and in giving your time in writing opinions, wise words, and lighthearted commentary. They are all read as well as replied to. My spirit is lifted with your wonderful words of life!

 This morning when reading my bible, came across lovely scripture.  Colossians 4:6
Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt... In current year, conversations have grown rather salty along with not thinking before speaking and marked with a purposeful misunderstanding.

After reading this scripture, my thoughts drew towards family and how they are spoken to when one is upset. Is a step taken back emotional or mentally before responding? Then thoughts wandered towards written comments on websites and returns on merchandise.
Was the comment read aloud before publishing? Would we welcome these words posted towards us?
Was grace spoken or did it sound welcoming from a heart which loves people?  The appearance of one…

Clean Spots are Sanctuaries. ~Phase I

"How are clean spots sanctuaries?"  The question begins with a clarification of a definition.
What is a sanctuary?A sanctuary is a place of peace or refuge. A sacred place.
Sanctuaries are holy places inside our homes where charity and the pleasure of maintaining a home is a holy calling. Recently, a transformation had been taking place in our home to maintain a well kept look along with less dusting.
With the goal in mind, took one room in order to unclutter, vacuum and polish. Once done, gathered cleaning supplies and took a step back. It was magical!! The mind cleared and the heart felt unburden from the clutter. Finally, a holy mindset dovetailed with the heart of family. It was suddenly realized the wrong attitude was used in the past about keeping a home. It should be something one looks forward to in doing, not dreading.

As these clean spots made their appearance, they open the mind to peace. When viewing a clean room, it is like walking into beauty. This can be viewed as …

8 Elegant Ways to Begin Your Day

OH HOW I MISS YOUR SMILE:Begin the day in a way which makes you smile at yourself in the mirror. How can one begin when grumpy, unmotivated or not ready to meet the day.
SHE'LL HAVE FUN, FUN, FUN:   Lydia must have a bag of *fun* things to do. I wonder where in the world she gets such ideas like washing her hair with snow, or a simple purchase of a pet gate for her yard. 😉
DO WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY:  One joy I have is reading past thank you notes or cards addressed to me and received over the years. When one takes the time to write, take the time in saving it, as there will be a time it might save you from thinking negative thoughts. It is a mini hug in the form of paper, the spoken word in incarnate of time remembered coming back to you ten fold.
FOLLOW THROUGH AND TAKE CARE OF YOU:   First and foremost, is to take care of ourselves. How can one begin to take care of others if first we have not taken care of self? Take a shower, grab coffee or tea and head to your make up counter. One id…

The Art of Crying, "WOLF!"

Have you ever heard the fable of the young shepherd who cried wolf?A young bored shepherd decided to have some fun and call out to the village below that he was attacked by a wolf. Each time he called out, they came running to assist. Though his lies persisted, eventually the people no longer believed him when the flock were legitimately in danger.
What does Crying Wolf mean?
DEFINITION: To claimsomething is happeningwhen it reallyisn't,whichresults in therejection of subsequentvalidclaims. To raise a false alarm.Recently, as I was watching the news, one of the big news networks came out telling everyone masks currently being worn is NOT good enough. That's right, we are doing it wrong once again. The bandanas, cloth, and others are wrong. In fact, they did a test on a select few to show how WRONG everyone has been.
Why?Because of their awesome research and testing. 

A sneezing demonstration was done with each mask to show how it preformed and what was found out in keeping the v…

👸 Having Beautiful Things To Wear: 7 Affluent Accessories

As ladies, we often love to look opulent while putting as little effort as possible into how we dress, yet yearn for others to view our appearance as indulgent.

~7 accessories to wear the wow. ~

Necklace: No Place Like a Showcase Whether pearls, polished wooden beads, or curiously knotted rope, necklaces have a language all their own. From simple necklaces to statement staples, these go-to options are easily worn among  popular outfits.
Real life example: A dear friend whom had a loving grandfather gifted her a Dollar Store rhinestone charm to place on a necklace. She placed it onto a short 14k thin gold chain and wore to school. Surprising, several times that day students quizzed, "Why are you wearing an expensive piece of jewelry to school?" 😂

Brooch: Vogue of the Rouge Nothing says touch of style quite like the brooch. Showing its affluence pinned on a coat, wrap or blouse shares a "now you see me" style. A helpful tip is to locate unusual designs and sizes. 
Real l…

How To Set A Good Table 🙏

Years back a friend of mine spoke on setting a good table which would bring health to a family. While some might regard this as a bit off or even silly, what she said begin to take form and I begin to study ways which might bring joy to others.
Just think, family coming into the room, teetering down after a night of slumber and viewing the table so charmingly set to receive them, smile in spite of themselves as the clock chimes and the day begins.

The setting does not need to be fancy, but shows a love and displays a sense of pride being home along with wife or motherly duties taking care of her family. 
The set up might be something as a lovely tablecloth and simple dishes, or even having a theme welcoming those still dragging feet across the floor.

By setting a good table, we make others feel satisfied by preforming a comfortable repast and delightful repose. As homemakers, the greatest of love is charity towards our family. This greatest of love shines forth in the food we prepare…

To Prep and Perserve Raw Food

I had been meaning to write a small article about preserving raw foods. 
Though some ladies go to greater odds than I when preserving, I thought to keep it simple as at times it is best or a good start.
Years back when I begin, I turned to a lady named Phyllis Stokes. She gave me wonderful ideas on freezing raw foods and taught me many things which were gaps in my education of food preparation. 
First thing which was learned was how to freeze bell-peppers. Her video carefully showed how to slice, prep and freeze them. The idea struck me dumbfounded as I was not taught such things.
She continued with her recipes of homemade goodness and freezing...
and I followed along. 

Pretty soon the freezer was taking shape of having something on hand as I cooked. It was marvelous of having a freezer full of veggies. Yes, of course I could purchase them frozen, but it gave me great satisfaction prepping my own. Shapes and sizes emerged from styles while learning how to cut properly with a new knif…

A Desire To Not Hit-The-Wall: Differences in Alphas and Bad boys 👈👈👈

Welcome to part 2. 
Thank you so very much for keeping the first one so popular!!
In part 1 a desire was spoken about keeping an alpha male. This desire is stark contrasts of alpha men and bad boys in the 30 plus years of marriage, married to an alpha male years older than me. What was witness, remembered and even know.

Outlook on women:
Alphas- Want a relationship without drama as being in her presence is soothing and peaceful.

Remembered: If she is a worthy feminine woman, he will yearn to be with her. His thoughts will linger on her physically when not in her presence. It matters not if she is pretty when he is in love with her. (Jane Eyre)  Now convinced she is his better half, he will not place her on a pedestal. (A  feminine lady will refuse its narrow and uncomfortable station.  Also dovetailed to this is the great height and its marvelous tendency to topple. The crash alone is fantastic, the ruin utterly amazing.)
boys- Spin yarns of disbelief. Lies are their truth and drama their …