When A Man Makes Up His Mind, It's Finished Business!

From the Sift Twice files.

It has been witness on a number of occasions when men make up their minds. 

Why say this?
Being around men. Watching men interact with sweethearts, wives and girlfriends, watching movies of men interacting with the female species, watching men out and about speaking with one another, and watching men make up their mind once and for all.

It is easy to see a man make up his mind. 
He makes no bones about it.
That's it.
And he will not return to change his mind.
Crying will not change it.
Drama will not change it.
Threatening will certainly not change it.
 That's it. That's all she wrote.
And his mind is made up..... period.

I would not advise to make a man choose, or harp hard upon something as to upset him in such a way it may sway results.

There is NO going back once a man makes up his mind to do something, or not do something.
One might as well yell at the waves for coming in at high tide.
It won't change a thing.

6 ideas to minimize ghosting

Dear Gentle Reader,

     It does not matter if in the throes of dating, or beginnings of friendship as both are capable of  the emotional mistreatment called ghosting....

1. First off, you are not to blame as common sense is not so commonly found. If the charming Rip Van Winkle lacks a courtesy of calling and texting skills, there is a reason. In fact, patterns begin to emerge and a red flag is now waving from a passing color guard.
What was noticed: Rude manners, lack of character development, and tall tales. When they wanted to go somewhere or be with someone else, they split. Weeks would pass and only after seeing you in the public domain, spin more yarn. At worst, it makes one feel embarrassed on wasted days spent marked in their presence.

2. If you can, never give out your cell number. Instead, give an email or landline. (trial run) Have calling cards with an email and your name. Now days email is easily to connected and set up on a phone.
How it was experienced: As one being gho…

💝 The Heart Can Hear 💝

Be careful little mouth what you say... Oh be careful little mouth what you say... There's a Father up above and He's looking down with love so be careful little mouth what you say.  ~Children's VBS song
 Everything we say can be heard in the heart. Be it happiness, a bad attitude, sass or a playful tone, it can be heard. 
When thought on, the word heart has the word ear in it and at times we can be careless of the words we throw at the listener. Yes, of course we can "hear" but, little do we understand where the listener stores the words we say. 
Today, as I was fighting with a new rice maker, our 14 year old bounces in the kitchen and says,"MOM?" "What!" I answer in an irritated fashion still glaring at the rice maker. He answers softly,"I want to hug you." He give me a half hug as I am grumbling. 
A few minutes later and I was reminded how roughly he was spoken to. Though not angry with him, I allowed my temper to get the best of me when…

~ Ways to Vacuum Your Mind ~

When setting off to play, remember to smile warmly at others along life's way

 Dear gentle reader,
 As items lay dormant, dusty and inactive, so does the mind. When that happens a good vacuuming needs to take place. A body at rest will stay at rest, but a body in motion will stay in motion. Yet, what does that have to do with the mind? Well, I'll tell ya. 😉

~ When starting out to vacuum the mind begin small. While some might say start big, but starting small has worked best for me as I  don't feel overwhelmed starting a large project I am not ready for as a small one can be easily completed. By choosing and finishing small, our brains release endorphins when viewing the finished accomplishment.

example: Junk drawer, shelf, one row of a book shelf, night stand, a small cabinet, a small coat closet, and even a drawer where ones pj's reside. 

~Another area you can vacuum as you are cleaning areas of the home is ourselves. This can be as simple or as elaborate depending on tim…

Soft Salve of Home

(From the Swift Twice Files) When I first started to stay at home, the idea seem to drive me wild. Home all day? What will I do? 😓 Once I calmed down and begin to breathe, taking and taming things into sections was not so bad.  

At the time I reminded myself, if staying home became to much, I could always drive myself around, get an ice cream, go to a near by park or work at making a garden.  (this was all before children came)

Now with so many lost jobs, lost income for schooling, along with other issues, for some, home seems a strange place to be spending so much time. As I poke my head out to see what is going on, people are more friendly and communicative. They wish me and others good health and well, I find myself smiling more than ever even if it's pushing my grocery cart. 

 Though some dawn face masks, gloves or both, everyone keeps to the marked spaces inside stores. No one is mocking anyone. We all do what is right-by and for ourselves.  In fact, I see more pe…

👉 3 Reasons To Keep A List 👈

Allow others to view your light, for some will shine back at the same radiance in which you give.
Dear gentle reader,
As a first born, I enjoy making lists. Perhaps it is part of my childhood as it made me feel more grown up once written out.
Making a list fulfills a sense of purpose. It empties the mind and hearts desire seen on printed ruled paper. When these same slips of history are left in the hands of the next generation, it lends a voice long after we are gone. While they translate, it draws out ones personality and tells how we thought, planned and perceived our day as years have ticked away our speech upon faded paper.
Second, lists can keep track and at times be encouraging. It can be long, short, organized and marked off.  It can be a sense of completion and as a reminder to uncluttered mind. Handwriting can give the tell tell signs of patience, style of writing, unhurried or busy life expressed by the writer.
Third, lists in the digital world can be on note pad, smart phone, l…

Prank calls~~~

Currently, where our two oldest adult children work, is seeing a spike in young people (which have nothing else better to do), but call *limited places of business still open asking silly and unintelligent questions wasting employee's time. 
Our daughter who answers the bulk of phone calls tried different ways in which to combat it. 
Since this is a pet store, she amused the callers by answering questions on how to eat a snake like a noodle to BBQ-ing a lizard on an open flame. Though these are mere jokes like the individuals calling in, it seemed to fan the flames.  (One wonders if this was the latest Tik Tok challenge.)
Then she tried another approach of becoming a wiseguy.
As they would ask their silly questions, she would pause and say, "What?" The joker repeated the question as she do the customary pause. ...."What?" That action seem to stamp out repeat offenders, but as another day begin the phone calls increased. 
She then became the Sunday school teach…

First Off, Did You Forget To Breathe?

Breathing seems like such an easy thing to do.

I remember someone asking me this very question as I was explaining an issue in my life. 
She asked, " First off, did you forget to breathe?" I looked at her puzzled. "What?" I asked. She smiled, "When doubt, worry and trouble enter your life, you must remember to breathe."  I thought about it and  noticed I had not been breathing, but holding my breath.
Breathing does amazing things. 
By taking deep breaths we first tackle a fight or flight system.It calms the nervous system down 80%Then the mind can think. Which is the 20%. Breathing is involuntary
 Once calm one can think through issues more clearly and even smile in the face of troubles. Who can think when the mind is on a roller coaster of thoughts?
This very thought reminded me of a trip I took to the grocery store recently. A woman with a worried look was asking me about how long lettuce would keep for her elderly parents. I smiled at her. "Why…

Waiting Until Kids Are 20 Before Graduating Homeschool (Part IV) ~Conclustion~

Home-schooling can be a bit of a love travel through education. I have been told it is not a race, but a journey. Though the journey for me is almost at its end, can I really say we ever stop learning?
I believe Mark Twain stated, "I never let education get in the way of my learning."

 ~~Here below are 8 bullet points to wait until twenty to graduate.~~
All children grow up in stages of thinking and learning. Each one is an important factor as the mind grows, learns, develops and matures.Gives extra planning priorities. With extra planning comes success of life and ready to meet the world. Example: When at the store break off a list and give to your group. Send them off and have them look for items mom needs. It builds confidence in knowing where an items is or interaction of asking questions and adding to social skills. Sometimes it leads to a few trips of knowing the best purchases, using math skills.My father told me once, "You have the rest of your life to work.&quo…

Waiting Until Kids Are 20 Before Graduating Homeschool (Part III)

Welcome back!

Now, armed with library books, purchased dictionary and a few helpful people giving advice, we were ready to get started. We started simple with an English book which had an answer key folded over and subjects from the library along with mathematics flash cards.

I remember feeling very nervous as we started our day as she got up at the same time as school and ate breakfast. She looked happier and more relaxed. I guess she thought learning with mom could be more fun than school. So, after setting up to work in her books then taking a lunch break, I was feeling better with the day half completed. After she came back from lunch (an hour later) we finished and I remembered thinking, "Well, that was not so bad. I think I can do this." and smiled. As she continued to learn, so did I. As I was new to this internet thing I begin looking up and reading all I could find on the subject of homeschooling. One homeschooling dad talked about his experience and with it gave …