Adventures in Homemaking, Perhaps?

Have one of *those* days?

While speaking on the phone with a new dental office hit your foot on the night stand while getting up...

Trying to clean a kitchen light fixture only then realizing you need a special screwdriver to undo the part to take off so you can clean it.( But fight fight with it for 10 minutes anyway)

Teen taking up the front room doing a large lego project spread out on the floor watching a *how to* video on t.v. (you don't want to step on one)

 Realizing poo has stuck to your pup's behind and now you have to chase him around to catch him.

No one started the dishwasher and you had to take a few out to hand wash them this morning. 

Air conditioner cuts out suddenly and it is three days with no central air and thus begin to use all box fans because you don't want to go to hotel as that would be more money hubby would have to spend.  

Ah yes, adventures in homemaking.
Never a dull moment.
So what do they mean, "What do you do all day?" 
Come and join me and…

Galatians Gal

What is a Galatians Gal? 

She is a woman or lady which follows the lead of the golden rule influenced by male divine directive.
She dresses herself in love of others
Wears the earrings of kindness
Adorns necklace of faithfulness
The touch of gentleness
Wears a shawl of self-control
Embellishes bracelet of peace
 Enhanced footwear of joy
Loyal speech of patience
and aura of goodness

 Her life is enriched with grace and shines in her movements and actions.
 These are set in motion before even setting delicate foot outside of home, while driving, and even healthy eating patterns. 

Her life is beauty that surrounds her and encompasses not only in daily life but extends to all she knows or has small interactions with as she goes about her day either in home or public outing.

Domesticated Darling~

If you are a keeper of the home and family  you are a domesticated darling. 
In the past there have been other names.
Domesticated godess, duchess of domestic-ability
 or royal life to name a few.
Some say it is a thankless job.
I disagree.
Some say they need to be paid.
I disagree.

One must first begin by *paying* attention to oneself first.
If neglected, it is already in the red. 

By paying yourself first, it is not thankless because others are thankful for you though they may not say it. To be paid, cheapens the position in home life as it is an active role in life.

Do you know a story called When Queens Ride By?
Instead of an active role helping her husband, she begin by helping herself. Then everything begin to fall in line. 
She paid herself first by treating herself to her best dress. 

After that it was her best attitude, her best duty, her best charm, her best cooking skills.
She turned her life over to her active role.

She reminded me of pictures in action. You don't see them moving, but …

How to Make Food for Thought

The first bite is always best.
 Favorite cookie or treat.
Visit to someone's home and marveled at the size of their burgers cooked.
A finished product removed from an oven.

How about the first time someone was gentle towards you?
They smiled
Spoke kind words
 offered refreshment

First time meeting someone with refinement and class
That *something* about them unspoken
The way they carried themselves
cadence of voice
 and even their compliments are unique.

How is it when locating something special about someone we wish to emulate it?
Perhaps as humans there is always room for improvement and even at times
grow a bit jealous of this talent.
Instead of siting and stewing in jealousy, learn to be more active in talent admired.

Regalia...In the Limelight ( Photos )

Should care be taken on how one dresses?
a public perception is dressing for ones public.

How one dress is perceived by others looking on an array of clothing choices.

Whether dress, skirt and blouse combination each is chosen carefully and seasonally directed. 

One royal fit nicely into this form of regalia dressing.

By careful study, 3 styles were noted in how she dresses.

dress skirt never goes into thigh high areas. It always hit the knees or extends to the ankles. 
  taking a hint from her wedding gown, a slight plunge in the neckline is suggested on formal occasions. 
Boat-neck top, round neck or sleeve length are other options

  The last photo is particular noted. This belt look which acts as a natural waistline emphasizing feminine flair.

this style is very popular and most purchased on women's clothing websites. 
 If the print is pretty, or a solid color, will sell to the point of 
*sold out*

5 HATED Effortless Homeschooling Starts

This scene above depicts human nature when setting a goal by starting small ones.
  5 ways to get started...

First, understanding the street (state) where you live.Go here: This link gives an overall view on how your particular state views home-school.  
If you are in another country, get in touch with someone in your area by plugging in your favorite search.

Second is worth. Unsure of abilities to teach? Someone shared," You have been teaching them all this time. They can get dressed, tie their shoes, and use utensils.  What do you mean,  you can't teach?" 

 Third is resources! In a galactic past long ago, there was limited information one could obtain. With limited funds starting out, surprise from prices and subjects was in short, overwhelming. Fortune blessed me which someone took a rebel view, "These aren't the books you are looking for." Cruising the net I located this place. 

Even the local library can …

80/20 Rule of Femininity

What is the 80/20 rule?

 She can be feminine 80% of the time and stern 20% if the situation calls for it. 

The word stern is used.
Not bossy, fearless, bold, rough, and certainly not non female. 
A quiet strength I remember reading from some of my young adult books in the 1980's. It was admired and even encouraged.
Opposite is dwelling on hurt feelings, get back at someone, or destroying someone to become (faux) popular while alone in their room.

However, feminine nature does not mean someone can run over you even though absentminded individuals believe it is their right to do so.
 Femininity is a giving nature. 
Its nature is giving to place trust in, or holding back watching others before sharing. 

Hers is a gentle, delicate and careful nature.