New Color Trends This Year

Hello and welcome! 
If you have been welcoming in the new year, there are some new colors to celebrate and feminine design details to watch for.
Let's dive in!
This years Spring/Summer colors will be   1. living coral  2. dusty rose or pressed rose 3. terrarium moss 
4. Toffee Brown

Living Coral- This electric color will be a bright and poppy for bringing out the blah in the winter weather. Trying it out inexpensively would be a quick way in which you could find out if you love this color.
Dusty Rose or Pressed Rose- This is a more grown up color that is being touted out this year and for those that adore pink, this elevates that look of chic .

Terrarium Moss- The earth tones are back once again and with chill still in the air this look will once again be a welcome shoo in for Spring.

Toffee Brown- A sweet brown color making its mark with different textures and  styles. 

Crochet is back once more for this years trend of Bohemian look. One blogger called it a "school craft project."…

Why You Should Whistle


It seems to be on its own an art form and rather fun to do. Interesting enough, many struggle on knowing how to whistle. Ms. Bacall (above) gives seductive directions on how to whistle, but can you think of times in which you did, tried, or knew someone in which whistled? 

My father use to whistle when the mood struck him. I never asked about it, but as far as I could tell it was not a song, hymn, or children's rhyme I knew in which he whistled.

Today, I thought of some reasons as towhy.
topass the time
doing work disliked
to entertain
Whatever the song was, it begin in the same manner. I could never tell if this tune had a beginning, middle or ending point. Since I never inquired about it and his passing, I will not appreciate its application of why this tune.

 The fun part about whistling is it can be taken anywhere and you don't have to worry about sounding out of tune.

So next time you find yourself whistling a tune and someone stumbles into your line of site to ask wh…

Having Beautiful Things to Wear (Part 4)

Wearing beauty
Nothing says beauty like a good scarf. They can add that *pop* to your outfit in which can elevate the look.  Just looking through old Hollywood films and you have a plethora of iconic woman wearing lovely scarves.
They are wonderful in their own right. Keeping the hair in place, adding beauty to an outfit, or if you are just having a bad hair day in general.
Again, what is old is new again and it does not take long to figure out the old ways are sometimes the best way in which a scarf is worn.
These trends and ideas make it back into the fashion world once again.

 This gem can be added to your handy-dandy note book or phone look-book. Be on the look out for this added beauty as most can easily fit a budget to elevate your wardrobe with that iconic look you were always seeking for in an outfit.
As always keep in mind what the scarf it is made out of. Look for quality as your purse will allow. 
Most expensive does not mean best, and name brands are not what they use to be unless…

Having Beautiful Things to Wear (Part 3)


By now you know the score. 
Shopping your closetLocating missing gaps Recording complimented styles Outfits curated completely with accessories The weather
 But have you ever taken the time to care and clean your accessories?
 a necklace tangled after removed gifted peal necklace that has dulled  a pin becoming hair-sprayed 
Because your accessories work for you non-stop we care of the upkeep.
Care of the upkeep  It helps with the sustainability of the accessory plus your responsibility in keeping it nice.It says to the person you received it from we take care of beautiful things that come our way. Cleaning: Jewelry: The best way in which to clean it, would be first know what type you are dealing with as one would never dunk opals into a jewelry cleaner! Educate yourself first on how to clean each piece! Shoes: They are best cleaned by a damp cloth. Scruffs need extra attention. Also, pay attention to the inside of the shoe as well. The inside of the shoe can be jus…

Why I Hate the Word Homemaker


My bride of 30 years, made a statement the other day about being a proud homemaker. Before I knew it, the words came rolling out of my mouth. “I really dislike that word.”
 I know how proud she is being a homemaker. I'll explain.
Her day begins by getting up at 5:30am and starts by having a menu ready on breakfast, lunch or dinner which will be served on selective days. She teaches our faith and home-schools our three great kids. She makes time to keep our home clean, cooks our meals, creates beauty and makes gifts along with keeping me in check. (no small task). For these things, she has every right to be proud.
So, why do I have so much disdain for this word? It is because of those who I watched mentally roll their eyes or try to make jabbing comments on how that is not a “real” job as I stand next to my smiling bride as she shares what she does. As if these people who make these comments do anything that causes their two fatty brain cells to do anything…

Having Beautiful Things To Wear ( Part 2 )


 Wearing beauty
Now that you are shopping your closet, looking over your wardrobe, you may have noticed gaps missing. A beautiful scarf, feminine skirt, or new earrings which would elevate an outfit currently owned.
Once out, you need to remember and be reminded while continuing to search. It needs to be recorded, but where? 

By investing in a small colorful handy-dandy notebook! neat and clean at your elegant finger tips. Make notes of color and details plus keep this jewel in your purse, backpack or suitcase. You never know where you might find those earrings you have been searching for your whole life! 

Life Example: You can keep this on your phone, but having a notebook looks more elegant to leaf though. Besides, who does not like to cross items off physically? :-)

Trends can be fun if you like to change your look as the season progresses outside. Remember, we are seeking inspiration from the trends.Life Example:  A bold long sleeve button down polka-dot…

6 Ways To Quiet the Mind Plus Be Productive

TEAM BLOG: Feminine Belle

Do you find it difficult to quiet the mind?
Sometimes thoughts jumble up, pushing you out to sea on a small boat, and while drifting quietly, dark clouds appear over the horizon. Terrible lighting flashes earmarked by fear and anguish grips the mind. Suddenly a hole emerges at the bottom of the tiny sea faring vessel, and like water leaking in, thoughts begin to fill the mind. 

One way to quiet the mind is going out to take the airwhich is an old way of saying I am going for a walk. Afterward, you feel refreshed and ready to take on other duties.

Tackle what you have been putting off by cleaning the kitchen. When thoughts roll in like clouds and negative energy is re-directed, an amazing feat is accomplished. The result? A shinning, sparking kitchen whichfeelsbetter.

 (Kinda like banishing a Sith Lord from your home.)

Yes, running. You don't have to know where you are going as long as you are on the sidewalk in your neighborhood or …