Be Cloaked in Greatness

From the Sift Twice Files:

From time to time, I enjoy listening to the cadence of Ms. Gloria Starr. 
Ms. Gloria Starr is a etiquette expert located on YouTube. Ms. Starr has been around the world many times over in teaching people elegant ways in which to speak, their body language to others, and tonality. 
Today, she spoke quickly and effectively on being cloaked in greatness. 

Her talk was about being your best dressed when out and about, at work, and I would even extend to home.
As a homemaker with a dress code, (as far as dress codes goes) there is none. Of course one would not wear a ball gown to do dishes, however, I concede her point of looking your best. One still opens the door to accept packages, or others looking for lost animals, leaflets of functions around the neighborhood, or perhaps sweeping the porch while garbage men pick up curbside.

Yes, I do believe it is important to dress for your home and be cloaked in greatness. Even as I write have on a red top al…

80/20 Ground Rules of Trolling...

The 80%
Remaining anonymous: Keep account(s) more than a few days, weeks or months old. This helps avoid administration looking into new accounts, but it's harder going down the rabbit hole when one signs up during peak season. Point two, abstain from spirits when doing this, or taking this activity outside and away from the net. One is never clever when one drink drunk nor having to plead to a judge for repeated offenses.

Plan and plot. Omit ones own name, things the victim likes or for heaven's sake, family member names. The point of the mission is to remain under the raider to indulgence in this secret and anonymous one sided fantasy relationship.

Patterns of speech: Don't attack in the same manner one can easily identify a pattern. When engaged (as a troll) support it with supplemental humor and self amusement.

Don't delete an account only to attack another day in the same way on a contrasting account! It is like watching an old show no one likes or enjoys.

Be creativ…

Giving To Family First

Today, I remembered an interesting insight read many years ago about giving to family first. It came in the form of an article a mom wrote.

A mother was in her kitchen baking cookies for an upcoming function. One of their sons wandered into the kitchen and begin to ask what the cookies were for and if he could have one. Her answer surprised him when he found out the cookies were going else where. "Where's ours?" he asked looking at his mother. "There are none." Came the answer as she retrieved another hot batch from the oven. The son grew serious, stood in front of his mother, and asked a stern question. " Why would you think of others before thinking of our family first?" Surprised, the mother became angry at such a question, but upon further reflection decided he was right. 
Why should I allow others to use our resources so freely? Didn't my husband work hard for his money? Did his hard work and pay allow me to go and make purchases of items to…

*Rededication to Home Made Goodness*

Recently, I have rededicating myself to homemaking. 
I begin by getting up early, get ready, do my hair and make up, as well as having breakfast prepped the day before like pancake mix. My secret is to cook before 2:00 that day and precook items which save me time on the next day.
I do this in order to relieve my day in the afternoon.
This has been going on for about roughly a week and a half and it is working out quite nicely.

Today, I made lasagna and prepped garlic bread yesterday and broiled it, cooked the meat this morning, cut up raw veggies and saute onions. What is lacking is to cook the noodles this afternoon, grate cheese, place together in a baking dish and pop in oven.

It leaves a small amount of clean up for my crew.

I notice it helps with making a menu out on Sunday night after cleaning and my language can become flowery on garden fresh this, or veggie melody that, or buttermilk pan-grilled pancakes, or the newest recipe found, carbonated biscuits from a cookbook purch…

80/20 Rules of Femininity: What To Keep In One's Purse (updated 10/22/19)

I do enjoy a good purse.
 In my own whimsically nature shun designer purses and seek out small companies which invest in quality. However, it has been my unfortunate experience to witness high end purses produced cheaply. 

Back in my day of Fashion Merchandising, Chanel,  Dior along with others were something to be sought after as a holy grail and owned as a spiritual experience. In a distant era, a quality purse well made and being chosen by a lady in order to be seen was a company's pride and joy along with the special care taken with materials producing the product. 

They had a rep to protect. 

But I am wandering off topic.

~Below I focus on 80% of heavier items and 20% of lighter~

The 80%
  Sunglasses:  As prescription glasses are worn,  I adore my magnetic sunglasses. Small hinge like features fit over the glasses in a pinch and nicely into a pocket of my purse when not in use. As large sunglasses are making a come back this season (as of this writing) one may want to acquire a su…

14 Reasons Why You Should Treat Menopause Like A SunBurn

Funny title......

Yet not so funny for those going through it.

First, it is a change of season for most women. For those are unaware of what it is, it is when a woman can no long reproduce and become pregnant. 
Some young girls reading this might think, "Oh nice!" However, one is woefully unaware of this ongoing problematic feature.
1. It is unconformable: Yes, more often than not, this will cause discomfort at the most inconvenient times. 
2. Socially awkward: Most will mistaken you are nervous about something. While most can "see" a sunburn, most normal people will not understand what they are viewing. Take out tissue, dab, and solider on.
3. Keep things cool: Best way discovered in getting over humps of heat is keeping cold/ice/ water around. Presently, I added low sugar Gatorade to this list for electrolytes.
4. Gut health: Along with keep cool is gut health. Active yogurt is another keeping the heat at bay by keeping the gut healthy.
5. Almond milk: Most women are…

~Elegance~ in Action

I have heard elegance described as an inner light found inside of one which bears good fruit. 
I have had the pleasure of knowing ladies of this caliber.
It has been my  hair dresser, numerous experiences of Etsy, along with conversing with local hostess in restaurants. 
Each time these interactions take place it raises my hopes for the inner beauty I witness when around these particular ladies. It makes me hope for the future as I see elegance in action. 

~Elegance in Action~  something we inspire to.  be shown daily and acted upon. life is not about finding oneself.

We know ourselves best of all and the fruit produce. We should take extra care of what *fruit* we continue to show. The real fruit will always show through and few people will have the pleasure of witnessing it as it washes over them in love and joy.

~Don't wait for people to show elegance, demonstrate to them how~

Just A Few Thoughts On, What Marriage Means To This Man

Back in December, I stated why I disdain the word “Homemaker” to my wife’s amazement. In our years together, I had never made such a statement. As a result, she asked me to write a post and share my thoughts. She was fascinated and thought other people would be too. As I was writing, I was about to take a turn and go way off topic so, I reined myself back and stayed on topic. Today, I would like to cover at least a few of those thoughts. 

In my opinion, marriage life is a team effort and involves many things. Respect, honesty, trust, and values to name a few. They all mean a lot to me. I will not interact with anyone I don’t respect, lies, I don’t trust, or who has no values. Interaction with theses people seems pointless. So the woman I would ask to marry me, must hold these in high regard too. 

When a man and woman say “I do”, they stop being individuals and create one entity. By creating that entity, what is its purpose? What is the foundation of this entity? Why d…

80/20 Rule Of Femininity continue....

~First off, thank you for making 80/20 rule of femininity extremely popular~
As in first article, I am currently looking into other avenues to feature. As feminine nature changes, adapts, corrects and grows, may we all be challenged to grow in positives ways.
In this new set of ideas of femininity, 80/20 method applies to other areas of being a worthy woman. In her feminine nature she behaves in ways which stand apart from most women. Her allurement is her refinement to place others at ease, speak as well as dress herself in a direction which insist in making her the best possible person she can be not only to herself, but others.

As most may know, the 80/20 rule can apply to many things. Examples: number of outfits hanging inside of one's closet, eating healthy, business pie charts, and other staples of knowledge.

 The 80/20 rule of femininity is an easy and reliable way of understanding and practicing femininity.

In the past I had a difficult time understanding WHAT it was exact…

~Morning Musing~

A morning musing is a study of not only the morning and what it holds, but the serene times of being by oneself.

What does it mean?
To be by oneself can be an encouraging time, a time dedicated to quiet the mind, be alone with thoughts, prayer, began writing out a schedule for the day, read encouraging material, stretch or record thoughts.

Do many of us practice?
 For myself, I find difficulty in writing out my thoughts for the next article and struggle with it daily. 

Though to practice on new skills takes time, energy and sometimes over a period of days, weeks, months and even years in some cases.

To combat this diversion of "Will I ever get it?", locate inspiration in the form of art, funny pictures, short sayings, and even other blogs. By doing so frees oneself to laugh, smile, read, and perhaps engaged in an encouraging  comment left behind for someone as well as reflect.

 Recently, inspiration from serene scenes on YouTube have been located. Guild of Ambience comes to mind.…