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Why I Hate the Word Homemaker


My bride of 30 years, made a statement the other day about being a proud homemaker. Before I knew it, the words came rolling out of my mouth. “I really dislike that word.”
 I know how proud she is being a homemaker. I'll explain.
Her day begins by getting up at 5:30am and starts by having a menu ready on breakfast, lunch or dinner which will be served on selective days. She teaches our faith and home-schools our three great kids. She makes time to keep our home clean, cooks our meals, creates beauty and makes gifts along with keeping me in check. (no small task). For these things, she has every right to be proud.
So, why do I have so much disdain for this word? It is because of those who I watched mentally roll their eyes or try to make jabbing comments on how that is not a “real” job as I stand next to my smiling bride as she shares what she does. As if these people who make these comments do anything that causes their two fatty brain cells to do anything…

Having Beautiful Things To Wear ( Part 2 )


 Wearing beauty
Now that you are shopping your closet, looking over your wardrobe, you may have noticed gaps missing. A beautiful scarf, feminine skirt, or new earrings which would elevate an outfit currently owned.
Once out, you need to remember and be reminded while continuing to search. It needs to be recorded, but where? 

By investing in a small colorful handy-dandy notebook! neat and clean at your elegant finger tips. Make notes of color and details plus keep this jewel in your purse, backpack or suitcase. You never know where you might find those earrings you have been searching for your whole life! 

Life Example: You can keep this on your phone, but having a notebook looks more elegant to leaf though. Besides, who does not like to cross items off physically? :-)

Trends can be fun if you like to change your look as the season progresses outside. Remember, we are seeking inspiration from the trends.Life Example:  A bold long sleeve button down polka-dot…

6 Ways To Quiet the Mind Plus Be Productive

TEAM BLOG: Feminine Belle

Is it difficult to quiet the mind?
Sometimes thoughts jumble up, pushing out to sea as a small boat, and while drifting quietly, dark clouds appear over the horizon. Terrible lighting flashes earmarked by fear and anguish grips the mind. Suddenly a hole emerges at the bottom of the tiny sea faring vessel, and like water leaking in, thoughts begin to fill the mind. 

One way to quiet the mind is going out to take the airwhich is an old way of saying I am going for a walk. Afterward, feel refreshed and ready to take on other duties.

Tackle what has been put off by cleaning the kitchen. When re-directed an amazing feat is accomplished. The result? A shinning, sparking kitchen whichfeelsbetter.

 (Kinda like banishing a Sith Lord from home.)

Yes, running. One does not have to know where one is going as long as it is the sidewalk in your neighborhood or somewhere familiar. Just begin. Run until tired, and breathing hard. Sometimes running lets…

Having Beautiful Things to Wear (Part 1)

Team blog: Feminine Belle
A few weeks ago quite by accident, I located on YouTube a talk on Shopping Your Closet. 

What I learned was clothes are not colorful mold on hangers like I first intentionally thought. So while watching the first video I was amazed at what could be accomplished with little imagination.  

Examples given:

* A long sleeved white, collared shirt placed under a sleeveless dress with a simple neckline in order to stretch an outfit into cooler weather. 

* Taking long necklaces opening them up, and turning them into temporally belts.

* Anything can be transformed. The trend for Fall/Winter 2018 are (as of this writing) plaid, red, brown, animal print, cowboy, as well as 90's/80's looks. 

As my husband had an an up-incoming office party being held at a local restaurant, and as it was be an outside afternoon lunch affair, I set to work. 

First, an animal print scarf was located to be tied into my hair to…

Hollow Log Word

Team Blog: Feminine Belle
Ever heard of a hollow log word?
 It was something my father said when something had a big effect on others.
 Words do have weight. Even the word idle  transports a person into a vehicle stuck in traffic. 

Webster defines the word as having no activity or lacking worth. 

How would it be viewed in a relationship where one contributes and the other idles? 
What about when something is borrowed then used in an idle way then returned? It is no fun to be on the receiving end of badly chipped, broken, or no longer working.

 Like a rock being thrown into a lake, the ripples are wide and affect not only a persons life, but others around them.

 Idleness can affect people in different ways. 
The clerk saying he will be back after getting a price for one customer, but idles talking without going back.  

 Idling on the phone on hold can zap energy from anyone.

It is easy to become idle or use time and things in an idle way in which one accomplishes nothing. 
In truth, let us be …


Welcome!  This is a family blog on life, thoughts, experiences and at times on feminine nature.
The idea of this encouraged blog is to put out ideas that have not been placed into action, or activated into thoughts that could expand and arise into mental properties in elevating others along life's road. 
I hope you will stay awhile and gather your thoughts. Please leave a comment in which courtesy counts allot! 

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