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Empty Nester.... Not

What is an empty nester?

It is when kids leave home (usually for good), parents then fulfill the role of what some call empty nesters.  
How do they become that?
It means kids have either gone to college in another state, or far from home, marry and move on, or some move out into a new home, apartment, or as fledglings, spread their wings in order to try them being out on their own.
Funny enough we aren't one of them.
Our kids are still at home, as they continue college, take SAT tests, or prepping for a future college.
Actually, it is nice and I am spoiled with, "Hey Mom, do you need anything from the store?" Quite often the answer is yes. 
Yes, unempty-nester. Is that even a word? 
While some parents seem to enjoy their new freedom, my husband and I still have the kids at home.  We must be strange as we enjoy having our kids around. 
The rule goes, you pay for college and can stay home.  Think it unfair? Let's take a look.
There is access to food when hungry, sn…