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One Neutral: New Heights!

It was an accident today..............

I did not mean to wear this color or accessory...

  Then thought on it.  Why not?

~~White~~ It can be a magical color.  Cool white, warm white, neutral white. 

White this summer can be the color that saves the most money.
With a handful of accessories, it can extend ones wardrobe to new heights. 
If one has a box of accessories, air them out this summer.  They will stand out beautifully against a white outfit. 

Public Service Announcement ************************************************ I have been hearing this from women. 
"You are brave for wearing a hat."   me: strange look "Sorry?"
"Oh I have such a lovely hats too, but I don't want to be stared at."
Feminine Beauties!  Be stared at! Wave like a Queen! Smile!  Have royal speech about you as Lydia stated. 
Don't we WANT to be noticed, glanced at and smiled?
You don't have to be *brave* to wear a hat. Wear something lovely, colorful or feminine. Anything that states *GIR…

Fast Food from Home

When Monday rolls around and breakfast is being served and one has no clue what to do for dinner, here are a few tricks and tips for those *ugh days*

Plan Like anything else, plan for those busy *ugh days*  What is easy (go to) meals

Cook Extra
 It isn't any trouble to cook a bit extra. When adding side dishes to a main meal, set some aside to freeze.

What is a family favorite or your favorite *easy* meal list. This is something you always have on hand or can easily gain from the store on your way back and forth.

Meals Here are a few meal ideas that are staples when one hits an *ugh day*

1. meatloaf w/salad and mash potatoes or tater tots 2. Store purchased fried fish fillets/ fish sticks (on sale) with rice 3. frozen pancakes from an extra breakfast add scrambled eggs (breakfast for dinner) 4. cornbread w/ milk 5.  rostisory chicken with cherry tomatoes, slices of bread, sliced cucumbers 6. peanut butter sand which with apples  7. sand which meats w/slices of bread, and whatever the f…

Clean Shoes, Clean Mind

Recently my closet was purged.

In a small coroner a shoe rack was purchased and then erected.

I cheerfully set to work vacuuming, cleaning corners, and making a trash pile.

After cleaning I sat down in the closet and went to work with a small damp cloth going over each shoe. The tops, sides, insides, and scuffs were worked on.

It was mostly magical when completed.

The shoes sparkled, and breathed new life in some neglected for years.

As I finished happiness washed over as they were placed onto their new home.

Recently, I took some advice and walked into my closet after some time had lapsed pretending I was a guest being shown where to place my traveled wardrobe.

 The feeling was a new open space to look at and feeling of renewal. It felt wonderful!

A clean space no longer cluttering up the mind.

Being a Positive Voice~~ in a World of Broleys

How does one become a positive voice? 

In the past I had limited knowledge of a person called Vic Mignogna.

 I only knew him as a voice actor of a few anime's  watched and unfortunately, not much else.

However, I am listening to a talk he gave to a group of fans how to be a positive voice and a person of admirable actions.

 I am amazed as this gentleman speaks very elegantly and his words are carefully chosen. 

Listening to him is very encouraging as I want to find better ways to improve after listening.

There is so much negativity in the world we live in. Now more than ever it is easy to bully someone we have never met.

 When we are alone in our room, in our car, standing in line. We feel small, unimportant and wish to be noticed and liked by others.

He explained it can start with one person. If started in Houston (fans that live there) it can spread across Texas. From Texas it can go just about anywhere.
I know this is true as I have heard a story of one young lady that had the respons…

9 Templates of Inspiration

We have all been there............

Having nothing to wear in a closet with clothes busting out like mold growing wild. 
A heavy sigh is given and walk towards a place one would rather not be. 
[There is a Secret]
1. KISS- Keep it Simple Susan

I may sound like an old record, but keeping it simple in the first initial step stomps out the headache and hassle.

 2. Grab the Neutrals

If one wants to appear put together, begin with neutrals. Most everyone has basics.   White, black, cream, nude, oatmeal, navy, light grey, camel, and navy perhaps instead of black. Even pastels are wonderful, if even in a scarf.

3. Plan

Where are you going?
 Many women wait the last possible minute to prep and plan. TIP: Don't wait! Do it! Especially when you have a date on your calendar or meeting your husband for lunch later in the week.

 It is rude to make people wait because one did not have the common courtesy to take time out and plan.

4. Have A Look-Book

This was discovered quite by accident when I wrote down what …

Keeping It Simple Susan

Keeping it simple in dress can elevate one to look classy, tonal, and even be called a movie star.
(Sunglasses optional)

The how  dress simple This allows one to accessorize and stretch the budget. Example: Grey top, grey pants with a icy lavender scarf tied in hair, earrings and necklace in the same hue, add sunglasses with a gentle smile.

Received this reaction. 

"Wow,  I thought you were a movie star."

The what: Color and cover
The second most important view on dress.  Stay within the classic colors, and neutrals.

This can even extend to scarves, hair pins, and accessories to the budget minded like myself. A recently observation is dress in a simple manner. The quality of the cut stands out and compliments skin tone. 

I do not mean dress in an excessive way which shows allot of skin, quite the reverse. 

When less skin is shown more attention, looks, smiles, and being spoken to politely and in a respectful way is shown as it shows you first respect yourself.

Older cultures have shown whe…