How to Make Food for Thought

The first bite is always best.

 Favorite cookie or treat.

Visit to someone's home and marveled at the size of their burgers cooked.

A finished product removed from an oven.

How about the first time someone was gentle towards you?

They smiled

Spoke kind words

 offered refreshment


First time meeting someone with refinement and class

That *something* about them unspoken

The way they carried themselves

cadence of voice

 and even their compliments are unique.

How is it when locating something special about someone we wish to emulate it?

Perhaps as humans there is always room for improvement and even at times

grow a bit jealous of this talent.

Instead of siting and stewing in jealousy, learn to be more active in talent admired.

Learn a new way in which something is cooked.

Secret in being tidy and clean.

Be a better listener to our family and friends

and by putting ourselves second we master the talent of being someone unique in

quality which someone else may wish to emulate.


Even if they don't

 we create food for thought which never expires

and recreate leftovers into wonderful snacks

 at a later date to feed

 and nourish the soul.

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