80/20 Rule Of Femininity continue....

~First off, thank you for making 80/20 rule of femininity extremely popular~

As in first article, I am currently looking into other avenues to feature. As feminine nature changes, adapts, corrects and grows, may we all be challenged to grow in positives ways.

In this new set of ideas of femininity, 80/20 method applies to other areas of being a worthy woman. In her feminine nature she behaves in ways which stand apart from most women. Her allurement is her refinement to place others at ease, speak as well as dress herself in a direction which insist in making her the best possible person she can be not only to herself, but others.

As most may know, the 80/20 rule can apply to many things. Examples: number of outfits hanging inside of one's closet, eating healthy, business pie charts, and other staples of knowledge.

 The 80/20 rule of femininity is an easy and reliable way of understanding and practicing femininity.

In the past I had a difficult time understanding WHAT it was exactly, how to practice, as well as reproduce it as there were very little examples, images and public knowledge.

Outfit and wardrobe:

When an elegant lady dresses, she takes careful consideration when outfitting herself. She finds out where she is to go, activity if any, or date she is to attend. In doing so selects or may even purchase an outfit. She wants to show in her wardrobe choices of elegance and polished refinement. Accessories she wears follow the same lead as her adornments are classy and simple. If she wears (large) statement jewelry, it is all she wears accessory wise on a neutral color outfit.
  • Her ensemble covers 80% of her body and shows 20% skin.

Conversation/speech/text talk: 

 Speech from a feminine and elegant lady resides in the same rule. This takes practice in choosing words carefully. By observing others she thoroughly chooses her friends and acquaintances from all she meets and converses with outside of meetings, and group get together. All to often one hastily speaks before a matter is finished or stated clearly.  She has a clear understanding from multiple people the person she is getting to know. While polite, she is slow to reveal herself allowing others to speak, and actions show how others respond.
Her speech is 80% silence and 20% conversation when meeting others for the first time.
Actions and behavior:

A feminine woman's actions are important as it is seen by all who watch her. Importantly though she may not know it, an elegant lady is always watched by her actions. What she does has lasting implications on her character as well as other viewing her. Actions are important to her as her brand she is displaying or acting on.

  • Her actions are 80% of doing things for others in love or charity and 20% of receiving.

She is one which elegance is infused in her very soul. All times and in all ways she has trained herself in not reacting to negative comments online and in person, and receives joy in good news when shared. She is genuinely happy and smiles physically as her love is known by no boundary.

Girly and childlike speech and actions provokes warmth and good feelings from others unlike being childish and immature making others feel uncomfortable around her causing drama. She infuses peace in her speech.

Continuing seeking to improve herself she finds examples, practices and applies them to her life. She lists them and reminds herself of these daily actions until they are apart of her life which to separate them would to be to remove an arm.

 Though  she does not do this for herself, but as an example to others believing one can leave others better than when they were found.

Thank you all that have visited! Have a blessed day!

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