14 Reasons Why You Should Treat Menopause Like A SunBurn

Funny title......

Yet not so funny for those going through it.

First, it is a change of season for most women. For those are unaware of what it is, it is when a woman can no long reproduce and become pregnant. 

Some young girls reading this might think, "Oh nice!" However, one is woefully unaware of this ongoing problematic feature.

1. It is unconformable:
Yes, more often than not, this will cause discomfort at the most inconvenient times. 

2. Socially awkward:
Most will mistaken you are nervous about something. While most can "see" a sunburn, most normal people will not understand what they are viewing. Take out tissue, dab, and solider on.

3. Keep things cool:
Best way discovered in getting over humps of heat is keeping cold/ice/ water around. Presently, I added low sugar Gatorade to this list for electrolytes.

4. Gut health:
Along with keep cool is gut health. Active yogurt is another keeping the heat at bay by keeping the gut healthy.

5. Almond milk:
Most women are at a point of less sugar is needed diet wise. I have tried most almond milks and the best by far for lack of chalky tastes if shaken well is Almond Breeze Sugar Free. At 30 calories a cup, it is refreshing, cold and drunk daily. *One might have a different option/brand in your area.

6. Cold patch:
I have seen some people wear cold packs around their necks to stay cool. 

7. Dress light:
Like a sun burn, learn to dress light. Cotton breathes, softer material is key.

 8. Reduce coffee and add tea:
For some reason tea does not trigger flashes like coffee does. That also goes for alcohol. Keep it minimal or save for a cheat day.

9. Spend more time outdoors: What?
 Yes, as most women do not suffer hot flashes being outside, try to spend at least 30 minutes or more outdoors before one starts or when suffer through one.

10. A word: BOX-FAN:
Make a purchase and sit in front of one when needed, and have it run tilted up at night. IT will make a difference in how one sleeps.

11. Stay Active:
As a sunburn can drag you down, menopause can leave one run down as well. Stay active. Clean your kitchen, vacuum, do errands or simply keep moving. The more movement the less flash o' mob.

12. When it begins, get up and move:
I notice when putting on make up in front of a window in the morning it triggers a flash. Stand up, get a drink, walk.

13. If insomnia hits, take advantage:
For others which wake up and can not go back to sleep, go ahead and get up. Prep breakfast, write, dust, or cut raw veggies to freeze. IT is no fun to "suddenly" wake and not be able to go back to sleep, but at least you can be productive. I started my morning at 3 am today.

14. Be glad:
If married and have children, be glad you had a good run at life. Be thankful for your blessings. As we have 40,000 thoughts a day, think happy thoughts.

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