Giving To Family First

Coffee Cake

Today, I remembered an interesting insight read many years ago about giving to family first.
It came in the form of an article a mom wrote.

A mother was in her kitchen baking cookies for an upcoming function. One of their sons wandered into the kitchen and begin to ask what the cookies were for and if he could have one. Her answer surprised him when he found out the cookies were going else where. "Where's ours?" he asked looking at his mother. "There are none." Came the answer as she retrieved another hot batch from the oven. The son grew serious, stood in front of his mother, and asked a stern question. " Why would you think of others before thinking of our family first?" Surprised, the mother became angry at such a question, but upon further reflection decided he was right. 

Why should one allow others to use resources so freely? Didn't the husband work hard for his money? Did his hard work and pay allow one to go and make purchases of items to store and use for the families benefit? How could one not think of family first?

Her wise reasoning gave way to a new outlook and freshness in re-dedication to her family.

Her son was correct. She should think of family first before sharing charity with others as her first job is to her own family. 

From then on when a new function, charity, or church get together happen, she first made treats for her family before making them for others.

Praline Pumpkin Coffee Cake  (now gone)


After this story was shared with someone, a question was asked. "What if the family did not care the mom made and shared goodies with others?" This was quietly thought on and answered. "Then what you state is true about this particular women. As the family did not care, neither did they consider her cooking, nor her dedication to them first as a family.


So if she did not care for her family, they would not care what she did.


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