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Sustainability of the Hoidays~ Free to $$$

The holidays begin to creep up and bloom when I was not looking... actually, allot of fun and funny videos have been presenting itself on YouTube for holiday ideas. 
~some reasonable and very lux items for this season~

Gifts of time: 
Some may not believe time is money, but it is. Here is an idea which was stumbled on years back. One lady made COUPONS OF TIME for her family and friends on lovely printer paper she had. Here are beautiful examples:
 a meal stop over in a coffee shop (her treat) her famous desserts a lovely plant/flowers from her garden  a concert at a local park baby sitting service light cleaning and caring (if sick) vacation sitting for pet/s driver in case a vehicle is needed. 

Gifts of $25 or less:
From gifts of time to practical items, this is a good place to start if needing to make a purchase for female co-workers, secret sis or good friend. Links are provided, though some maybe sold out. Shop online or call for availability before heading out!!
fuzzy socks- who d…

Be Cloaked in Greatness

From the Sift Twice Files:

From time to time, I enjoy listening to the cadence of Ms. Gloria Starr. 
Ms. Gloria Starr is a etiquette expert located on YouTube. Ms. Starr has been around the world many times over in teaching people elegant ways in which to speak, their body language to others, and tonality. 
Today, she spoke quickly and effectively on being cloaked in greatness. 

Her talk was about being your best dressed when out and about, at work, and I would even extend to home.
As a homemaker with a dress code, (as far as dress codes goes) there is none. Of course one would not wear a ball gown to do dishes, however, I concede her point of looking your best. One still opens the door to accept packages, or others looking for lost animals, leaflets of functions around the neighborhood, or perhaps sweeping the porch while garbage men pick up curbside.

Yes, I do believe it is important to dress for your home and be cloaked in greatness. Even as I write have on a red top al…